Documentation Overview

This documentation is for the gtkmm-4.0 API, where nothing else is said. There is an older gtkmm API, called gtkmm-3.0, which can be installed in parallel. The gtkmm-3.0/gtkmm-4.0 names refer to the API/ABI series and not the release version. For instance, gtkmm 3.24.0 is a version of the gtkmm-3.0 API.

There are even older API versions, such as gtkmm-2.4. Those versions are no longer supported.

Dependencies of gtkmm-3.0 and gtkmm-4.0 are listed in a gtkmm-list post.

Getting Started with gtkmm

You might start by reading the Programming with gtkmm online book.

Contents of the whole online book, gtkmm-4.0.

Selected chapters:

The Programming with gtkmm 3 tutorial is not available online any more. It can be downloaded from here.


Sometimes you need to look at examples to figure out how something should work. Many examples are included in the gtkmm book, but you can also view them online: gtkmm examples