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Gradniki na voljo

In addition to the wrappers distributed with gtkmm, additional widgets and libraries are available from other sources.

  • Plotmm plot widget for scientific applications
  • gstreamermm wrappers for gstreamer (streaming media)
  • VTEmm terminal widget
  • gtkextramm wrappers for GtkExtra (plot, sheet, etc)
  • cwchessboard C++ chess board tool set for gtkmm

Orodja gtkmm

  • Cambalache User Interface Designer for GTK. Cambalache UI files can be used from a gtkmm program by using Gtk::Builder.
  • Glade User Interface Designer for GTK3 has been replaced by Cambalache.

Programi, ki uporabljajo gtkmm

If all else fails, sometimes it is good to look at the source of some other projects using the same toolkit.

gtkmm uporabljajo:

gtkmm 2.0/2.2 uporabljajo: