We use Git to maintain our source code, in the GNOME Git repository. Additional information about is available at

glibmm and gtkmm are in the glibmm and gtkmm modules. There is also a gtkmm-documentation module which contains the gtkmm book and its examples. See below for instructions.

Meson is the recommended build system. If you build with Autotools (autoconf, automake,etc.), you will need to run the script to generate the build files. We recommend jhbuild or gnome-build-meta for setting up a separate development prefix.


对那些没有 GNOME 登录账户的人,可以使用匿名来 checkout。

For instance, to check out the latest version of gtkmm:

git clone


We are synchronized with the GNOME release schedule, so we use standard GNOME branch names.

gtkmm 与 glibmm

组件 版本 Git 模块 分支名称
gtkmm-4.0 latest gtkmm master
gtkmm-4.0 4.2 gtkmm gtkmm-4-2
gtkmm-3.0 3.24 gtkmm gtkmm-3-24
glibmm-2.68 latest glibmm master
glibmm-2.68 2.68 glibmm glibmm-2-68
glibmm-2.4 2.66 glibmm glibmm-2-66


组件 API 版本 Git 模块 分支名称
libglademm libglademm master
gconfmm gconfmm master
libgnomecanvasmm libgnomecanvasmm master

其它 GNOME 相关的 API 的 *mm 绑定


组件 版本 Git 模块 分支名称
libgdamm libgdamm master
libgnomedbmm libgnomedbmm master
goocanvasmm goocanvasmm master
libpanelappletmm libpanelappletmm master